Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Final Countdown

Okay, this time tomorrow I will be on a JetBlue flight to NY. I will be staring out the window, looking at the clouds and pondering "What are these people going to do to me this time?" Optimistic, aren't I?

I didn't lose all of the weight that I wanted to (another 3-4 pounds would have been nice!). I DID, however, get my hair cut and re-highlighted (to replace the faded 'smokin hot highlights' that I had), I got my eyebrows waxed and my tummy is on the mend. You know what I don't have? Something really, really cute to wear. Now, I know that my sister has a closet FULL of clothes, but I don't think that I am quite thin enough yet to share. Bummer. So Stace will have to go casual among all of the flash. Super bummer.

So to re-cap, still not skinny, but my hair looks great. What was that old Saturday Night Live skit - "It's better to look good, then to feel good." With these people, this will have to be my motto.

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