Saturday, May 1, 2010

Waiting for the flashing lights...

So here I am sitting on the bed at 10:30 on a Saturday night when I hear Nick get home. He comes in to my room and he's clearly got something on his mind. I can read my son like a book.

"What's up?" I asked and he goes on to tell me how he got pulled over tonight - well, not pulled over, exactly, the cops had set up a check point so he had no choice but to stop. Now, if there is one thing about my son that I know for a fact it is that he FREAKS OUT easily. He gets nervous, and shaky and in general, you can tell that he is scared.

So the cop sees this behavior and pretty much starts threatening my son. "Why you talking like that, Nick? You live at this address, Nick? Maybe I'll just come by there and check it out, Nick!" I mean, REALLY??? Has this guy like NEVER made someone nervous? He starts telling Nick that clearly his behavior has to do with the fact that he's on something and has weed hidden in the car! WTF is that about?

Now I've got Frank pacing the house, wanting to go down to the police station but he knows that HE'LL end up getting thrown in jail for losing his temper with a cop.


So what do you do? Do you file a complaint with the police or just let it go? I think these check points should be illegal because it is ENTRAPMENT!!!


Lin said...

I think I would make a call to the sergeant and tell him what you told us. Tell him that his officer's approach was not acceptable and that you were offering feedback as a citizen. As long as Nick wasn't arrested, I think it may make you feel better and perhaps change the way cops approach kids in this situation.

If he was arrested for something, it would appear you were just mad, but being that he wasn't, he may just listen to you. Heck, it is worth a try.

jenn said...

That's insane! I know my husband would call. I hope whatever you decide, this incident doesn't keep Nick from driving.

Mamí♥Picture said...

Oh my this is crazy!!!
Oh poor Nick!
I am stopping from Harriet's blog =)

Have a Lovely Sunday!

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Lola said...

My gf and I were just talking about these checkpoint things last night. We were saying how back when the seat belt law was introduced they said that they wouldn't be pulling people over just for seat belt violations, that they would only pull people over for other violations and then tack on the failure to wear a seat belt ticket. And how now they have these checkpoints to check for seat belt violations and alcohol and drug violations. We were comparing it to the new law in AZ. How now they say that they won't stop people for identification check, that they will only do checks when people are pulled over for other violations. Yeah right.

Sorry to hear about what happened to Nick. Perhaps a call or a letter to the Chief of Police, and maybe a letter to the local newspaper.