Wednesday, May 19, 2010

But all I want is some cake...

So when we were planning the graduation party, we let Nick and Beckah decide on their kind of cake and design it. It was pretty cool and I was so excited to have it made. I have a good friend who does cakes and we approached her to do it. Well, she had a scheduling conflict and so I had to find someone else.

Not as easy as you'd think.

If I still lived in NY this probably would not be an issue. Here in NC, at least by where I live, there aren't hardly any real bakeries. So what have I done so far? Okay, after my friend, I had another friend refer me to her neighbor. She could not do it. She referred me to one of HER neighbors, who hasn't called me back. I went to a local bakery (one of two here in town) but they are going out of business. The local Super Target does NOT do tiered cakes, nor do the Harris Teeter's. I had one consultation with the other bakery and they were on board with what I wanted but their head baker was out of town and so they could not give me a price.

I put the word out on Facebook and got several referrals but haven't had the opportunity to get prices yet. KILLING ME!!!

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jenn said...

That is pretty cool that they designed the cake themselves. I can't wait to see the finished product!