Monday, May 24, 2010

And this is why I shouldn't be allowed to watch TV...

I HATE the show "The Apprentice". I mean, I actually loathe it. The celebrity version is even more annoying. BUT...I love me some Brett Michaels and so I had to watch the finale of Celebrity Apprentice last night.

Now, don't get me wrong, I could not watch the entire thing. I just couldn't do it. I sort of sat there with my remote flipping through channels when the show got a little too annoying. I felt as if it was way too dragged out and when Cindy Lauper got up to sing, I just couldn't watch it.

For those of you who have been keeping up with celebrity news, you know that Brett Michaels has had a LOT of medical problems lately. First there was the emergency appendectomy. Then there was the brain hemorrhage. I was very upset over that and even blogged about it. He came through that and then he had a mini stroke and the doctor's found a hole in his heart. All this on TOP of the fact that he is a diabetic. Having said all was nothing short of a miracle that the man walked on to the set of the Celebrity Apprentice finale. He did and he was awesome.


I sat through the two hours, for the most part and was rewarded with my man Brett winning. YEAH!!! Keep on rocking, Brett!!! So why shouldn't I be allowed to watch TV? Because in my joyous celebration of my Poison frontman being victorious, I posted it as my status on Facebook - totally unaware that my friends on the West Coast had not SEEN it yet. I spoiled the finale for a couple of them.

Sorry guys!!


Lin said...

I did watch the whole season this time and I was amazed at how much I actually grew to like Brett Michaels. My only opinion of him was pretty low after those Rock of Love shows--he was just so skanky. But this changed my opinion--he was smart and very good with his people skills.

He IS a walking miracle. I'm glad he could make it to his big win.

A.Marie said...

Well.....I wish I could have just had someone tell me how it ended...then I wouldn't have had to sit through the entire thing just to find out!! UGH!

I think it was waaaaay too long and drawn out. I am so glad he won, though. I liked his presentation better, his Snapple bottle label, his flyers...all of it. I can't wait to find that drink and try it! :)

jenn said...

I watched it, too, and have learned not to facebook or tweet ANYTHING about television shows. I have been called out one too many times.

Have you read today that he's going to have surgery on his heart in the fall to fix the hole? After all he's been through, I hope this is just another bump in his road to full recovery.