Saturday, May 22, 2010

I think the Universe is plotting against me...

With the clock ticking on the countdown to graduation, it has been like pulling teeth around here to get Frank to do the remainder of the things that need to be done around the house. All that is left is power washing the house and painting the front porch.

What's the delay? Let's see, there's been rain, rain and more rain, then he fell off of a ladder the other day and hurt himself and guessed it, more rain. COME ON!!! We are so dang close to being done and now it's like it is never going to happen.

Yesterday I was doing a cleaning job with a friend and I was sweeping the kitchen floor and I was barefoot because, well, I just was, and I stepped on something. It was like "Ow" for a second and then when I moved my foot to walk, it felt like there was something on my big toe. I wiped down my foot, walked and it still felt like there was something there. So I sat, I looked at there was no mark, no redness, no puncture, no bite mark, no cut, nothing...but it HURT. It took until almost dinner time for it to feel normal - I had soaked it twice.

This morning I woke up and now, said toe is all black and purple on one side! What in the world?? It doesn't hurt, I can move it. I'm not sure if I'm going to the doctor but I've gotta tell you, I'm a little concerned...

I can deal with the black toe, just please wash the damn house!!!

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jenn said...

Oh no! I wonder what happened to your toe? I hope it gets better quickly.

We're having a lot of rain here, too. We were supposed to have a pool party at my mom's for Kasi's birthday tomorrow, but the weather has other plans. I hope you get everything done before the graduation. I'll keep my fingers crossed!