Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A Bullet in the Foot Would be Less Painful Than This...

With three weeks until graduation, you'd think it would have all been done. Like I'd seen it all, done it all, dealt with it all and bought the t-shirt. But no. Apparently, there are some that are willing to just keep things going until everyone else around them is praying for their own horrific death's just so that they don't have to deal with this anymore.

I am at that point.

When the process started, there were a few blips on the radar - crazy mom's with crazy requests - but for the most part they were harmless. As the year has progressed I have witnessed behavior that has been shocking and honestly, if someone had been video taping, we could be a viral sensation on YouTube.

My mindset from the get-go was that this day is about the grads. Yes, we are homeschooler's and we, as the parents, have worked hard to get to this day, but you know what? WE ARE PARENTS! It is our JOB to work hard! I've mentioned in a previous post that I had one mom scream that this is HER day - not her son's. REALLY??? So now, same crazy-self-absorbed-self-righteous-pain-in-my-butt has a new mission: To ruin everyone's day. Seriously, it seems to be her goal. Because really, the 19 families that are graduating should really just be celebrating HER - no one else.

Her latest mission is on a 30-second (maybe less) of a song that is being considered as the recessional song. The kids were not allowed to choose ANYTHING in this ceremony so we compromised about their exit. They are going to personalize it and exit in a fun manner. Well, that was not acceptable to this woman. We nominated three songs and started the voting process. She did not like the song that was in the lead and so started contacting me to complain. After two e-mails and a phone call, she put it out there to the group with HER recommendations for music. Again, REALLY?

I handed in my resignation last night to our graduation mentor. I'm done. My son will graduate as planned but as for me as the coordinator, I'm done. We have a meeting on Monday and if I have to sit and look at this heinous excuse for a mother, someone better break out the video camera because I would have to let her know what a sorry human being she is and that she ruined 18 other families graduation by being selfish.


Roo said...

Did this woman not have her own graduation? The other families need to step and not let her get away with taking over the entire thing. 18-1 but the 1 is winning? Something isn't right there!

Good luck Stace! It will be over soon.

Lin said...

Ugh. I hate people like this. I think I'm with you--I'd quit too. Let her run her graduation her way, I guess. Just go along for the ride.

Russ said...

I want to see what happens at the meeting. If they let you go they are in trouble. It is up to them to put little miss all about me, in her place. They should be begging you to change your mind.

KC5UNQ said...

I am not looking forward to next year when I have to deal with this same person because another of her children is graduating with mine! Oh yay for me!