Monday, May 17, 2010

Twenty Pounds Lighter!

It's official...I have lost twenty pounds here on my Weight Watchers journey. As of this morning's meeting, I have lost 20.6 pounds. Not too shabby.

The thing is, I probably could have lost a lot more but this last month has been a slump for me. I just don't have the same enthusiasm that I had in the beginning. I would have loved to be 5 pounds further along but it's my own fault. Well, that and having what seems like a non-stop run of eating out/parties/whatnot that had me eating things that I should not.

So, with three weeks till graduation, I can only pray that I can drop those pesky five pounds and feel like I accomplished something that I wanted.


jenn said...

You are AWESOME!!!!!! Congrats.

Janiss said...

Don't nitpick about those 5 lbs. - you are doing a GREAT job!

Russ said...

Great job. You can do whatever you set your mind to. Just remember don't be too hard on yourself for little slips and or celebrations.
Once again Congratulations. Don't come by my blog on Thursday. I have Chocolate cake on display.

Lucille Roberts said...

Congrats! You shouldn't have a problem loosing 5 pounds in three weeks, just keep up your normal routine and the pounds will still come off. If your a little apprehensive then try taking one less bite per meal or adding a little more exercise into your daily routine. Since walking helps go for a walk everyday. You'll get there.

Lin said...

Hooray for you!!! That is fabulous!! Who cares about the 5--if you do it, great, if you don't--well, look at how much you lost!!!