Thursday, May 6, 2010

A Celebration of Life!

I was on Facebook early this morning (surprise, surprise) and my nephew had his status about his being 6 years cancer free as of today. Can I just say PRAISE GOD!!! I mean, that is an awesome thing to be celebrating.

He's 21, he's amazing, he is my godchild. When he was diagnosed with Leukemia our whole family was just numb. I was devastated because we lived so far away and could not be there to support him as well as my sister. For the two (maybe three) years that he endured chemo treatments and all of the hell that goes with that, he was an inspiration. I don't think I ever met anyone that was going through so much and still had a sweet personality and the will to smile.

So here is to my godchild, Justin. I feel blessed to be your aunt and so thankful to God that you are here today and healthy. I love you!!


jenn said...

What an awesome post! I hope he continues to be cancer free.

Russ said...

Way to Go Justin. I know it is not easy. I had two siblings that passed away from cancer. So God bless you and keep you free.

Roo said...

Congratulations Justin! May you be blessed with continued good health and have a long, happy life.