Sunday, May 2, 2010

Oy...I'm old!

So with five weeks to go until the graduation I am officially in panic mode - trying to accomplish all kinds of things to make everything look nice. That means every project that I have even THOUGHT about in the last ten years, needs to be done by the graduation.

Today's project involved going out and buying a new lawn mower. Why? I mean, we had one; it was old, but it worked. Sort of. Nick normally does the mowing but lately, he's away from home. A LOT. So if I don't want to have to use a machete to get to my car, I really should mow the darn lawn myself. We went to Lowe's, talked to a very nice salesman and VOILA! We now, for the first time in our almost 22 years together, have a brand-spanking-new lawn mower. Yippee!!

We got it home, Frank got it set up and away I went. Now, I didn't pick one of those sissy, self-propelled mowers. Well, actually, I really, really, REALLY wanted one but it was a lot more money so we got a lovely mulching push-mower. It was 90 degrees outside and I decide that I HAVE to mow the lawn. I mean, we have the technology, so I must do it.


I drank about five glasses of water and felt as if I'd had SEVERAL heart attacks but...My lawn looks beautiful!! I'm sure tomorrow I am going to be cursing the day I was born because really, I'm too old and out of shape for this. I had to stop more times than I care to admit to.

Let's see what the morning brings...


carol at A Secnd Cup said...

Alex is working tonight, he can show you how to stregthen your biscips.

Roo said...

Think of the workout benefits you'll get!!!!

jenn said...

The more you mow, the easier it will get. I used to love mowing our grass...where we live now the maintenance guy does it. I miss it. I would cut yours for you if I lived closer. :)

Nani said...

so how are you feeling today superwoman?? i will never mow the lawn - never!! hubby does it now and the son is being trained to do it later...HEHE!

Nani said...

oh and you are NOT old!