Saturday, May 8, 2010

Life May Never be the Same...

I lead a fairly active life. I have a lot of friends and am constantly on the go or doing something. My friends mean the world to me. So last week I found out something that upset me so much...I wanted to cry. I was sitting and talking with a friend when she announced to me that she is moving away.

Yes, my hairdresser is moving away!!

Ha, I bet some of you thought I was speaking of someone else, but NO, I am speaking of my hairdresser/eyebrow torturer, my friend, Melody. She is moving to New Jersey to get married to her high school sweetheart who she hadn't seen in almost 20 years or something and they reconnected on Facebook! Love it or hate it, Facebook makes things happen! Anyway, she tells me this WHILE ripping the hot wax off of my face and I was just so sad - selfishly. This is a great thing for her and I am happy for her, but selfishly, I want her to stay. I want this guy to move here because I don't want her to go. I want her to keep doing my hair and whatnot. I know there are other hairdressers and that someone else at the salon would be more than willing to rip hot wax off of my face but really, when someone tortures you like that twice a month, you bond.

Now I have to start the bonding process all over again. I'd been going there for more than 5 years. She's doing my highlights for me this weekend and she'll still be here to do my hair and eyebrows for the graduation but then that's it. She's gone.


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