Sunday, August 8, 2010

Please let me slap him!

Okay, so today we were supposed to start on the demolition of our sinking bathroom.  That was the plan.  Well, our landlord shows up today and seems to have a plan of his own.  

This ALWAYS leads to trouble.

A little history, if you will...When we moved in here back in November of 1995 and Frank signed the lease, we were told that we could not have PEOPLE over or wild parties.  Clearly because we are from New York it is obvious that THAT is all we do.  The man would come over and walk the property just to make sure we weren't doing anything bad to it.  

On the night that we moved in there wasn't a circuit breaker box but one that had the old glass bulb things in it and all of the ceiling lights (which every room had) did not work.  Do you know how awkward it was to pee that first night?  So he hires a "friend" to come over and do the work...well, that guy was drunk and fell off the roof and killed a beautiful shrub in the back yard.  Sure it broke his fall but it was still a beautiful thing that didn't deserve to have that happen to it.  

Next, the man decided (without telling us) that he was going to replace our kitchen floor - the week before Easter.  The tile guy came, laid down the tile and then LEFT for five days - with explicit instructions that we NOT walk on the tile.  We had been living here only 3 months and I knew next to no one and could not COOK in my kitchen for a week!

Then there was the time he decided that he wanted to "level out" the property and dumped two truckloads of red clay down.  Most of Nick's clothes had to be thrown out that year.  Then he went to a piece of property that was being cleared and paid for a dead tree that he then planted in the middle of my backyard almost right in front of my son's swing set!

Or a classic tale of when there was a busted pipe and we didn't have full use of our toilet for almost two weeks because he wouldn't hire a plumber (just two guys who said they could do the work) and when we complained about needing a toilet I was told that I could pee in a bucket.  We could have taken him to court over that one.

So now we're at the sinking bathroom.  About 5 years ago I brought this to his attention and he brought another "friend" over who glued up some ceramic tile over the gap between the tub and the surround.  It didn't hold and now the tub has settled even more and you can see rotting wood and the floor is creaking really bad and I THOUGHT we were all on the same page on what needs to be done.  Well if on the same page meant coming over here and belittling my husband then I guess we are...however that is NOT what I had in mind.  

That man spent a solid 20 minutes telling my husband - who was willing to do all of the work in exchange for rent money since he's still out of work - how he has someone "reputable" to do the job in a day and that he is tired of having to go back and do things so he wants it done right the first time!  Um...hello?  We would LOVE that but nothing that this man has EVER done in almost 15 years has been handled by reputable people!

I am so frustrated right now that I could scream!!!  All I know is that there better be some work being done on my bathroom SOON!


A.Marie said...

Oh guys have the landlord from you-know-where. When hubby and I rented, we had wonderful landlords. We really liked that we have our own place (well, the bank owns some of it yet), I really like being able to make decisions regarding our house.

I really feel for you; your landlord sounds like a jerk.

Lin said...

Wow. What a freaking nightmare! Why do you stay?? I'm not being mean, I'm just asking.

Ryan said...

You have permission, go on slap him!!!

Leslie said...

Oh no! What a jerk, i think he sounds like one of those people who blames everyone else for anything that goes wrong.

I hope he fixes it soon.

Da Dude said...

I'm with Lin, why do you stay? I'd have moved out long ago.

StaceyC4 said...

The rent is the lowest in town for the most "perks"...We missed our opportunity to move a few years ago when the economy was good. Live and learn...

sandy said...

Why haven't you guys moved out long ago? Sounds like a very bad situation that's not gotten better over time like fine wine. He sounds like a bad landlord.

Good luck

Want that I should come and give him a Gibbs slap!

Leigh said...

Wow, he does sound like a crappy landlord! I'd slap him! Or negotiate a reduced rate rent while he gets the house up to par.

BTW: I have a blog award for you

Lilysgramma said...

Time to move! Cheap rent is NOT worth this kind of abuse! OMG! I hope you get your repairs done soon! Take care.