Wednesday, May 5, 2010

It wasn't the only reason I was there, but...

So I'm working at MOPS today and was flitting around here and there and I'm telling you, I got a lot of compliments! Seriously, I got compliments on my weight loss, my hair (which I just colored) and really, I was floating on a damn cloud and feeling all kinds of sassy!

Yes, it's shallow and all that because I was there working for the ministry and I was having a great time having people tell me how good I looked! It's not right, I tell you and yet...It just felt SO GOOD!!

What is wrong with me??? Oh, and here's something to think about, I have had several people tell me that my butt looks smaller and out of all of my body flaws, I never had an issue with my butt, but suddenly I do! I mean, how big was it before I started Weight Watchers??

So, I left there at noon, feeling really good about me and yet really bad about me at the same time. I loved the compliments and I'm glad that people are starting to notice the change in me and yet...petty and shallow.

Not a good combination...


Unknown said...

Hi Stace,
Have you removed your EC-widget? I can't find it. I thought that you were doing well with you drops etc. Have you quit Entrecard?
Just wondering...
Best wishes,'
Come see/read my p-post for the alphabet-memes:

jenn said...

It's not shallow. It's always nice when people notice our hard work, no matter what it is. Don't feel guilty. I am sure you are looking awesome!

Lola said...

At least people are noticing. I've dropped 3-4 sizes and no one has noticed. Even the new clothes I bought are getting baggy. What's up with that?