Saturday, March 21, 2009

With a Chick-Chick here...

Day two of Frank in NY. I'm not emotional today at all. I had a good night's sleep, I got some cleaning/decluttering done around the house AND my mammogram got cancelled. Oh, darn. They did reschedule but I was just psyched to not have to go today.

So I'm lounging about in my jammies, feeling very relaxed and peaceful when I called Frank this morning. I thought he'd be up and fishing (it was 10 am) and alas, he was just waking up. Am I surprised? Not really. Things are good. He slept fine. He thinks they're going to actually go fishing after lunch. He talks to the boys, everyone's good, we'll talk to you later.

I'm in the Super Target at around 3:00 when the phone rings. Frank. So I answer and he is sort of freaking out. He is ranting that he left, he had to get out of there, he can't take any more. I'm like "What are you even doing?" Last I knew, he was going fishing. Apparently that did not happen and he had just been hanging around at his sister's house with her family. They have some chickens. Quite a few, I'm guessing, and the afternoon was being spent watching and talking about the chickens until Frank's head was ready to explode! I had no choice, friends, I did what any normal person would do when faced with this dilemma.

I laughed.

Out loud.

In the middle of the Super Target.

I mean, COME ON!!! Can you imagine having to sit ANYWHERE and just talk about and watch CHICKENS?? Those of you who have ever met Frank, can you picture him tolerating that for even a minute?? I'm surprised he wasn't on his way home back here to North Carolina as we spoke!

After I caught my breath, I talked him down from the ledge. I mean, the man was FREAKING out. So I asked him what he was planning to do. He was having dinner with friends at 6:30 so clearly he had some time to kill. He was driving off to the Long Island Drum Center. It's like the mother ship was calling him home! For all I know, he's STILL at the Long Island Drum Center. I know he would have no trouble at all killing time there.

By the time we hung up, he was fine. I felt bad for him, but he was fine. I think he'll be getting on the road fairly early tomorrow. I'll be glad to have him home. I think he'll be happy to be home. I can't wait to see the car. I can't wait for Nick to see his car. It will be nice to have my family together again.

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