Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A Different Disney Adventure...

Frank and I were married in August of 1991. It was a rushed affair because, well...I was a "bun in the oven bride"! Shocking, I know. The thing is, we both really wanted a real wedding and my dad was willing to accomodate but there's only so much you can do in three months.

Having said that, I was watching WE TV the other night and it was like Wedding Mania. The first show on was Disney Weddings. OMG!!! Midway through that show I was determined that someone in my family was going to have one of those weddings. Seriously. They have different levels/packages that they can offer at the Walt Disney Resort in Florida. I paid a little extra attention during the "Escape Weddings" portion of the show because those are the smaller packages. You can invite up to 18 people and the cost is usually around $5,000.

So by now you're wondering "Oh, No! Are you and Frank not happy together? Is that why you're planning another wedding? Hussy!" No, no, no. Relax. We are perfectly happy and probably more in love now than we were when we actually got married 18 years ago. No, my plan is that I would LOVE to renew our vows in Disney for our 20 year anniversary. How cool would that be? Um, like way, TOTALLY cool! Well, you know that Disney is not a real favorite of Frank's so I don't know if this would ever happen but a girl can dream. I ran it by him with big tears in my eyes and got all emotional on how we didn't really get to have all of the things that we wanted the first time around and wouldn't it be nice to renew our vows in such a beautiful place...if you know Frank, you can imagine the LOOK that I got.

Then I called my sister. Now most of you know that we are so not thrilled with the relationship that she is is but clearly it's not ending so I have to find a way to learn to deal with it. Enter a Disney Wedding! I would so learn to like this guy again if it involved a couple of days in Disney where I got to wear a cool, un-bridesmaid-like bridesmaid dress! While we were talking we got in to color schemes and yes, I would look good in ALL of the colors she chose. I told her flat out that I had no say in her last two weddings, and that I should get a say in this one - should one happen. Desperate times, people.

Well, when she didn't hand me a date, another thought struck. My son! You know, the teen who has already BEGUN talking about getting married? So he comes home and I run the idea by him. Now keep in mind that he is as big of a Disney fanatic as I am. His response to my idea? "What is wrong with you?" Seriously, this is what I get. I'm thinking that it would be so cool to do and being that he is always talking about his future and getting married and all of a sudden I'm the crazy one! I'm the one with the problem! Because, you know, MOST 17 year old boys talk about getting married. NOT!

So if any of you out there ARE planning a Disney wedding, can I please come?

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