Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Disney Heard Me!!!

Okay, I guess I whined enough and if there really is a Disney Fairy Godmother, she heard my cries. Last night I received an e-mail that said that I won a Walt Disney World "What Will You Celebrate?" In-Home Party Kit!! I am so excited!! I have absolutely no idea what in the world I am getting, but I cannot wait to use it!!

I belong to the Mickey Moms Panel and submitted an essay to enter the contest to win one of these parties. I'd like to be humble and say that I never win anything, but I do have a little luck in this area. Five years ago I won a Disney Trivia Contest and won a four day stay at a Radisson Resort right outside Walt Disney World through Kingdom Magic Travel. That was pretty cool. Then I won another trivia contest that gave me a $25 Disney Store gift card. Someday I hope to actually win an entire TRIP to the world. But for now I get to party like I am there in my own home.

Words cannot describe how excited Frank is about this. (Cue the sarcastic tone)

I am unsure what our "celebration" will be. The terms state that I have to host the party during a specific time period and then submit my reviews/comments on how it all went. I may have to do this as a "ladies" night with all of my Disney buddies (A.D., Allison - expect my call!) and play things like Disney Trivia! I think kids are supposed to be included, as well. Sure, in a separate room! Just kidding!

I can't wait to receive the box in the mail! I'll post pictures and you'll all get to plan with me!


Unknown said...

Congrat's :) How exciting!!!

Enjoy your prize.

Nani said...

something fun to look forward! I am happy for you.