Saturday, March 14, 2009

Here's a little something...

It's raining again. I'm stuck in the house with nothing to do. Well, I COULD do something, but I'm just not in the mood to do laundry. Nick is at work, Michael is at a friend's house. Frank and I have been together for two days straight and... well, let's just say we've done all we can do so he is now off playing video games. Fun right?

I have no one topic on my mind right now so this will probably be just some random...ramblings, so to speak. Here is what the week ahead is looking like:

Work - Monday through Thursday with non-stop insanity, trying to organize when and where to hold homeschool classes for next Fall. Nick has IOWA testing this week and so does Michael (two different locations), I have TWO doctor appointments, Frank leaves for NY to pick up Nick's car and Michael has a birthday party to go to. Whew! Busy week.

We had some issues at school this week - surprise, surprise. The entire third grade is putting on a pirate-type musical. Michael does not want to be a part of it. I have to admit, I don't see what the big deal is but to him, this is huge and causing him great anxiety. He got sent to the office again apparently because of this. So I took matters in to my own hands and called the principal. FYI, very nice guy. I told him that I was getting a little tired of my child spending so much time in the office for such trivial things and he was like "I LOVE Michael! He is a really smart kid!" And then went on for THIRTY MINUTES on how he thinks that Michael is just fine and how they are working with him to help with his frustration levels and that if he thought that Michael was truly a discipline case, HE would have called ME long ago! I have to admit, I was very appreciative of the time he took to talk with me and I was glad that he is not seeing this as such a big deal. AND Michael does not have to be a singing pirate. Praise the Lord, because I am telling you, THAT was becoming quite the issue at home.

Nick had his follow up appointment after the whole Mono thing and he is A-OK. His spleen is back to normal and all is pretty much as it should be. He's back at work and looks and feels great! I am so thankful for this. As my child who is NEVER sick, this was all more traumatic for me than it was for him, I think! He goes back in a month for a physical/check up and then hopefully it will be another couple of years before he has to do anything again.

And here's one from the "Pulling the Rug Out From Under You" Category... I'm on the phone with my mom the other day and we're talking about Grandma and the memorial service that she is planning for her and just about Grandma's life in general. And in all honesty, Grandma was not a "warm and cuddly" person, she was always very matter-of-fact and pretty unemotional. I made the comment that she was always very affectionate and loving with Nick. I went on to say that pretty much form the time I got pregnant with Nick, Grandma just went ga-ga over him. Ready for the rug pull? Mom says that she thinks that Grandma was only like that to get back at HER! You see, when I got pregnant with Nick, my mother and I were not speaking - largely in part to her crazy husband that she was married to at that time. She was not there during my pregnancy or when Nick was born. So she thinks that the only reason that Grandma was like that was because she was spiting her! She then went on to say that she was sure that it wasn't always like that but in the beginning, that was her theory.


My mom and I have a very open and honest relationship, but that was one little bit of info that I really would have been better off never, ever knowing. I know that Grandma had her faults. Our relationship wasn't perfect but just thinking about what was said sort of tarnishes the wonderful memories that I have of Grandma and Nick!

Just weird, weird stuff.


carol at A Second Cup said...

Even if Grandma was making up for your mom's lack of participation before Nick was born, what you mom sees at getting back at her was just your grandma's opportunity to give to you. She loved that boy freely and always.

Tarnish is just unpolished silver. It is still shine underneath.

Nani said...

I say enjoy the memories you do have of your grandma going ga-ga over Nick....and pretend your mom never made that comment.