Sunday, March 15, 2009

I don't even like running when it's warm...

So I'm watching tonight's new episode of the Amazing Race and they are somewhere in Syberia. Very cold. Lots of snow and ice. The final challenge in tonight's episode had one person from each team run a course that was over a mile long - in their underwear!!! It was like -4 degrees and these people are running in their undies through the city!

As we're watching this, Michael is sitting with me and just randomly states (while eating some Nestle Crunch Dibbs) that Frank and I should go on the Amazing Race! Um, excuse me, child? Have we met? If for no other reason alone, do you picture your dad or myself running in the snow in our underwear?

With each challenge every week, I do mentally toy with the idea of how we would do it SHOULD we ever be on the show. Like week one, I think I would have had to be the one to bungee jump. Another week it would have been totally up to Frank to build that wood wall. This week with the whole underwear thing, all I could think about was "How often do I wear matching underwear that I would want to be seen in?" The answer: NOT OFTEN!! And we won't even address the issue of what a HEINOUS sight that would be to SEE me running in my underwear in the freezing cold! Of course, everyone running tonight was fit and beautiful. One of the girls was a former NFL cheerleader. Another is a flight attendant - she ran in a thong. Bless her heart, you KNOW that poor girl was freezing and will be thinking twice about her choice of underwear for the rest of the race!

But back to Michael's observation. Frank overheard him and started to laugh. I said to him "Can you imagine me trying to tell you how to drive in Siberia?" He laughed even harder and said "I don't even like it when you tell me how to get around town! I can't imagine dealing with you in another country!"

It's a good thing that we are secure in our marriage and know our strenghts.

And our weaknesses.

Be thankful that none of you had to witness me running in my underwear. Honestly, I just shuddered at the thought myself.

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Nani said...

it made me think, that its time to buy Brian some new undies...hehe!