Saturday, March 7, 2009

But I Don't WANT a 1969 Cougar!!

So I'm on the phone with dad today. The weekly call, no big whoop. We're discussing the economy - he owns his own deli and knows that I work for a family owned business - and so we compare notes on how business is doing. Not much has changed for either of us - some days are good, some days are bad. These are uncertain times.

I go on to tell him that when we get our tax refund that Frank needs a car. "WHAT?" he yells. "In this economy, he's going to spend this money on a car? Why? Why can't you or Nick drive him to work? When Nick get's his car and his license, he can drive him!" I take a minute and then say, "Well, you know, that's a bit emasculating, you know? I mean, the man is entitled to have transportation of his own. His van is quite literally, falling apart."

This then led to the most bizarre conversation quite possibly ever had.

"You know, Stace, my friend has a 1969 Cougar that he's looking to sell for like $300."

Why, oh why, would ANYONE want a 1969 Cougar? Seriously, why? He went on for a solid ten minutes about the wonders of this car. I'm counterpointing with the whole "Oh, it's a 15 hour drive to you and with the cost of gas...would that car even be able to make such a must be a gas guzzler..." I mean, you name it, I used it as an excuse as to WHY I did not want this car. Finally I had to put my foot down and just say no. There is no way that a man with a painting career who needs a car would find a 1969 muscle car suitable transportation! Now, I know, I know, people with NO transportation might consider this a great deal. We are not those people. Truth be known, we could make due without him buying a car this year. We probably SHOULD try to make due without him buying a car this year. But when I tell you how much this man has WHINED and GRIPED about driving an old vehicle for so long, I'd almost be willing to eat cheese sandwiches for a year just to get him to SHUT UP about it!

Nick's car (compliments of Grandma) will be here in two weeks. The boy won't have a license until July. So we have three months this car can be used as a family car and not just for driving lessons. We'll have to see. Who knows what can happen in the next three months. Life can change in the blink of an eye. No one can predict what is in store for us.

I can only pray that it is NOT a 1969 Cougar!

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