Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I Need to go to my Happy Place...

I'm Grumpy today. Yes, grumpy. There are a multitude of valid reasons but I have to be honest, I am not enjoying the grumpiness. I am sitting here hoping against hope that my Disney package is waiting for me at home because right now that is the ONLY bright spot in my life!

Sad, right?

I could sit here and TOTALLY rant about all of my woes, but I did that to enough people on the phone this morning. Thank you, Carol, for my chocolate (it was all gone by noon) and thank you, Danette, for my water. I shall never have thirst again! Good friends are a wonderful gift and I am especially blessed in this category. That is happy place number one - I am with my friends.

On a side note (my brain is a little scattered today, so forgive me!), last night on The Biggest Loser, the contestants had to run a half marathon. Now, I am not a runner. Never have been, never will be, but I have ALWAYS wanted to run the half marathon (or Minnie Marathon) at Disney. BUT, I not only wanted to do it, but I wanted to be able to do it with my friends. How cool would that be to have a group of us go down to Orlando for a couple of days, ride the rides, eat the food, pose for pictures and then do the marathon? Um, way cool, right? Now in reference to my earlier blog about not liking to run, I use the term "run" in the marathon loosely. I would consider a brisk walk more my style. And you know what? I could TOTALLY do this. It's just a matter of funds and getting my friends on board.

Okay, so that means that happy place number two is being at Disney WITH my friends. In my mind right now, I am walking across the bridge in to Adventureland on my way to ride Pirates of the Caribbean. "Yo-ho, Yo-ho..." ... You know the rest! Did I ever tell you about the time I rode that ride and when we came off there was a Mickey Mouse shaped water stain on my pants? I thought it was a little Disney miracle and so the ride now holds a special place in my mind.

So here's a thought to make you chuckle: should I get home later and my box of goodies is there, picture me - still feeling grumpy - sitting alone in my room surrounded by party gear wearing some Disney themed party hat and a noise maker in my mouth. Sure I'll look ridiculous, but in my mind, I'm with my girls having a blast.

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Nani said...

go to our happy deserve it. did the package come?