Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Mouse Withdrawals....again!

Okay, so it's happening again. I'm having Disney withdrawals. I just want to go so bad!!! I have on a Mickey Mouse t-shirt today and all I can think is "Wouldn't this shirt look GREAT in a picture in front of Cinderella's castle?" And the answer is yes, I think that it would!

I follow a lot of blogs and quite a few of them are Disney themed. I like keeping up on what is going on in the "World" and with each bit of information, I get a little more antsy. For example, today I read a blog where there was talk of GM pulling its sponsorship from Test Track in Epcot. Now I'm thinking that I want to be on that ride! Right now! I'd love to have my hands up in the air as we drove around the outside of the building doing 60 miles per hour. It would be fun.

Another blog talked about changes to the Downtown Disney area - places that are closing and new restaurants. I've only gone to the Downtown area twice - neither time impressed me much. Michael LOVED the Lego store and would probably still love it (it was almost 5 years since he's been there) but other than that, it's not something I find the need to go to. There's a ton of shopping there but while I'm there, I much prefer to be on a ride. But hey, that's just me.

There's been talk in the family of a MAJOR family reunion for 2010. The preferred location is Disney World. I have to admit, I am 100% up for that. Frank? Not so much. Particularly since it is with my family but he's never experience my extended family. THEY are the awesome ones. I'm looking forward to spending time getting re-acquainted with them as much as I am being in Disney again. If all goes as planned, we could be as much as 50 people (and that's the conservative number) on property together. The beauty of such a thing is that we all won't be staying in the same places because we all have different budgets.

I did a reunion like this with my husbands family back in 2002 but on a much smaller scale. There were only 13 of us. There was supposed to be more but one part of the family just couldn't do it. We understood completely. I had thought that we would all stay in different places but we ended up all at the same hotel in rooms right next to one another. It was kind of fun because we didn't stay as a group as we toured the parks, we only met up at meal times and once back at the hotel, we'd hang out together there. I remember we stayed at the All Star Movies Resort and were right by the giant "Andy's Room" area. The kids had a BLAST. I got some incredible pictures from that trip. Michael was only a year and a half old and to see him standing next to a three-story tall Buzz Lightyear was a riot!

Anyway, it's all still in the extreme infant stage of planning. I'm still trying to get addresses of everyone so that we can send out "feelers" to see exactly who would be interested in going. That part is at a dead stand still because I can't find anyone who has all of the addresses. This is my dad's side of the family and unfortunately, when he pulled away from the family, so did I. So did my sister. They're a great family. It's still hard to believe that dad is part of it! Seriously, all of his relatives are just so...normal! Dad is the party boy. So strange.

So I plan. Again. For a trip that may or may not happen. I WANT TO BE IN DISNEY WORLD RIGHT NOW!!! That would make me happy. My friend Beth told me last night that I've scared her with some of my angry blogs lately. See Beth, nothing scary about this one, right? Who could be angry while talking about the Happiest Place on Earth? Even though I cannot be there right now, just thinking about it makes me smile!


Roo said...

I wrote a comment earlier, but I don't think it went through.

Can I be part of your extended family?

I am so ready to go to WDW again. Because of all the strangeness surrounding our trip in December, I don't feel like I really got to fully enjoy the parks.

I'm sitting here right now listening to WALT DISNEY WORLD RESORT - OFFICIAL ALBUM (2001). It is so cool! Grim Grinning Ghosts, which you don't hear with any other Disney album, is my favorite. Right now the Tiki Room with Gilbert Godfried is on.

I think I'll have to plan a trip for ME in another year or two. I need to go back.

I hope your reunion works out. As far as contact information, just start hitting the Internet. Sites like DEXKNOWS.COM, ZABASEARCH.COM, etc. And don't forget Facebook. Some of it may be outdated, but you might be surprised what you find.

Jane said...

Hi Stacey,

I saw your blog post "Mouse Withdrawals...again!" and just had to comment. If you are having mouse withdrawals you should have been at my house last week. I was also having "mouse withdrawals" meaning, I wanted to withdraw from my home and check into a motel. I threatened to call the "Verminator" if my husband's plan didn't work. We had some very small bodied, big earred, scurry little mice roaming around our house!!!! UGH. I jokingly told someone I felt like Cinderella, only not at the ball and I would like to tell her a thing or two about mice. The real ones are not as cute up close and personal!!! I prefer the cartoon version rather than the real thing!!! Anyway, just had to comment...I hope your planning for Disney goes well.