Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Countdown to Celebrating!

Okay, so I've decided what I am going to celebrate with my "What will you celebrate?" Party box. DISNEY!!! Yes, I know it sounds a bit silly but that is what I am going to do.

We have no birthdays to celebrate. Work has been slow. The teen got a car but he is too old for a Disney World themed party. I have not lost any weight. I'm slacking with my walking. Finances are tight. I mean really, there is NOTHING to celebrate right now. BUT I have rallied my fellow Disney fanatic friends (and I mean we are FANATICS) to come over on Friday to just celebrate the fun that is a Disney vacation. Two of my friends are actually GOING to the world in the next six months and are in vacation planning mode. I'm just here to cheer them on. And the cool thing is that they all have boys! So Michael will have like six or seven boys to play with while the mom's just gab and ooh and aah over all things Disney! We do have one girl coming, maybe two, but for the most part we are all about the moms and their boys that afternoon.

We will eat some Disney-themed snacks. Play some Walt Disney World Trivia. I'll have out scrapbooks to show. The kids will all get goody bags. It should be fun. I wish I could invite ALL of my friends but my house is tiny and if you are not coo-coo-for-cocoa-puffs for Disney, this would all be lost on you. And believe me, I'm not talking about your average "I like Disney" people, those that are coming border on 'if Disney World were a person, we'd have restraining orders against us' people. So I hope no one is offended. My house is too tiny for everyone and I just really had to keep it small and focused.

I will post pictures. I will tell everyone how it went. I think it could be fun. I'm going to try and find some theme-park music to play, too!

Anything but the theme to It's a Small one will speak to me ever again if I put THAT song in their heads!


Rhonda "Roo" said...

OH MAN!!! I have the perfect album for you, but I'm not sure where I got it. It's the WALT DISNEY WORLD RESORT - OFFICIAL ALBUM (2001). It's got the theme songs from many of major rides, SPLASH MOUNTAIN, HAUNTED MANSION, TEST TRACK, PIRATES, SMALL WORLD, ETC. There are 20 songs on the CD. Amazon has it.

If I can figure out any way to get this to you I'll let you know.

Oh.. you might check at Target. They have several different Disney CD's that have selections from different soundtracks.

Have fun regardless. Wish I lived close enough to help you celebrate. Can't wait to see the pictures.

Roo :-)

Wendy said...

How fun! This whole family is full of Disney fans. We've been to each park once, but our kids barely remember. Hmmmmm.... maybe we should plan another trip soon!

The best trip we ever had? Disney World in January. It wasn't hot, wasn't crowded. It's hard to swing once kids are in school, but it was SO nice. I can't imagine going to Orlando in the summer. Bleh!

Charlene said...

I am just dropping by, but I wanted to tell you that your blog is adorable! I love the layout!