Friday, March 6, 2009

Well, At Least I Got to Sleep In...

I am off on Fridays. It gives me a three-day weekend and I love that. My plan for today was to have no plan. I knew I would have to get up at my usual 6:15 to get Michael ready for school but as soon as he was out the door, I was crawling right back in to my bed! And I did.

Frank came home and got ready for work. I slept through it. Kissed me goodbye. I slept through it. I woke up once at around 10:00 and decided that I was not ready to be amongst those standing upright and rolled right back over and went back to sleep. The phone rang around 11:00 and Nick answered it. It was my mom and to be honest, the phone ringing DID wake me up so I decided to talk to her. I got out of the bed and was still feeling good about having nothing to do. We talked for around 20 minutes and then I strolled over to the computer just to see what was going on in the world. Then the phone rang.

"Hi, mom," Michael's little voice began. "Today is my writing celebration, are you coming?"


Okay, bad mommy moment. I totally and completely FORGOT about the writing celebration! I mean, TOTALLY. I'm sitting there at the computer with the phone in my hand, in my pajamas, my hair looking as if it were done with an electric mixer, no make up and I'm sure some remnants of night-time drool was still on my face!! "When did it start?" I asked. They were pretty well in to it and even if I hung up immediately and jumped in to the shower and took the world's fastest shower, I still would not get there in time. I apologized profusely and all he said in that little tiny voice of his was "It's okay, mom."

Seriously, my heart hurts even writing it. So I blaze through getting ready, dragged Nick with me and I was determined to make this up to my boy. We showed up at school and the class was at lunch. We walked in to the cafeteria to surprise him and I told him that as soon as he was ready, we were taking him home and we would stop and get McDonalds. Sure, great, as the boy is EATING his lunch, I'm offering a SECOND lunch! There's a therapy session for you - I'm trying to BUY my son's love and forgiveness with FOOD! We leave the school with only a mild "tone" from the teachers ("You know, he wouldn't read his story because you weren't there" followed by "Don't worry, you weren't the ONLY parent to forget").

Yes, we did go to McDonald's (bad dieting moment - blog for another time) and the boy only wanted a bacon cheeseburger from the dollar menu. Sigh. We get our order, come home, set up in front of the TV for a picnic and he opens his burger and sighs. "They put ketchup AND mustard on the bacon". Now, this is the child who eats anything. And I mean ANYTHING and suddenly the weight of the world is on him because his mom did not show up to hear him read a story. Can any more guilt be heaped upon me??? I just could not win today with this. If Jesus were alive and walking this Earth surely he would have slapped me in the face and it would be no less than I deserve!!

So yes, bad mommy moment today. All the child asked for with dinner tonight was some herb and butter rice. I am all over it!!! He will get the biggest portion and it will be served with love.

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