Wednesday, March 4, 2009

To Be Continued??? Really???

So last night I tuned in to watch "The Biggest Loser". I told you, I love that show. So I was all psyched because I was able to catch it immediately from the beginning and everyone in the house was cooperating so that I had some peace and quiet. It was a beautiful thing.

On the show, they are in to week nine of their competition. They had a celebrity chef on who gave them a cooking challenge that was pretty interesting. The contestants then had to help serve at a food pantry where they loaded up 150 crates of food. There was nothing really riveting about it all, but it was enjoyable. It is a two hour show but it held my interest the whole time.

So in the last 30 minutes they do the weigh ins. This is the fascinating part because this is what the show is ultimately all about. I like seeing who's hard work paid off and what not. I don't know why, I just do. The weigh in was different this week because instead of weighing AGAINST one another, they were all helping eachother to stay another week. Meaning, the show was taking all of the pounds lost and totally them together this week. If they - as a group - lost more than 77 pounds, then everyone got to stay another week, if they did not, then one member from each team (they are down to two teams) would go home. So I'm on the edge of my seat, Frank is next to me counting up the pounds, too. There were eleven contestants. Ten of them weighed in. The last guy gets up to go on the scale. Cue the dramatic music. He steps on the scale while the host is reminding him that everyone had not lost as they should and it was up to him to have lost 11 pounds to save everyone!

Fade to black.

To be continued.

Note to Biggest Loser executives: I am SO NOT AMUSED!!!

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Unknown said...

I agree! My hubby stopped the DVR when Mike got up to weigh in. There wasn't enough time for an elimination. Then they put up the "To be continued". rude!

BTW..I see you are a "recently turned 40 mom" I'm a "soon (October) to turn 40 mom!