Friday, March 27, 2009

Because I'm Bored...

So it hit me today that I have been blogging for almost a year. I think my little blog has morphed quite a bit since it's birth and I really do enjoy doing it. I've met some great people since I started and found some other great blogs to follow along the way and just in general have had a good time. I'm not looking to get rich doing this, I really just do it for me. I have a hard time reading blogs that are so over-done wtih ads that you can't focus on what the author is actually writing about. That is just totally not me. I just love to write.

But that's neither here nor there. Here is what I would like to accomplish by my one-year blogaversary. Is that even a word? Anyway, right now All-Stace is read in 12 countries and 34 states. Not too shabby. By April 29th, I would love to have at least one hit/read in each of the United States. It's silly, I know, but that's my goal. I'm looking for readers in Maine, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nevada, Idaho, West Virginia, Kentucky, Alabama, Louisiana, Arkansas, Mississippi, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, Wyoming, and Vermont. I would love to look at my little analytics page and see all of the states colored in. I'm bored, not pathetic. Honestly.

So if you know anyone in one of those states that you can give a holla to and ask them to check out my little site even once, I would greatly appreciate it. I have no giveaways to offer or any great prizes. It's just a small goal I'd like to achieve by my big one-year hooplah. And by hooplah I mean me sitting in front of the computer wearing a little tiara, perhaps a feather boa, eating a Hostess cupcake celebrating me.

Thank you, friends!

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Cathleen Bragg said...

I think it deserves a Disney party! You have mentined Disney in more of your blogs than anyone or thing! So it's a Disney Blog Party!