Saturday, January 31, 2009

So...What's happened to manners?

Seriously, I want to know! I mean I understand that our country as a whole is in a funk right now but does that mean that we no longer have to use basic good manners or teach them to our children? What's up with that?

Example number one: You're on the phone with someone - who has called YOU - and they spend a large portion of the conversation talking to someone else in their home; a child, a spouse, a dog. You know, you sit there thinking "Um, hello? I'm still here on the phone, can you possibly talk to them when we're done?" Apparently not. And on the flip side of that, if you walk in to a room and see someone talking on the phone, does that not signify to you that they are busy speaking to someone else??? If there is an emergency, then by all means speak up. But if you are just breezing in to a room wondering where the damn Fritos are, shut the hell up! Look for them yourself!

Example number two: You have guests over for dinner. You are engrossed in "grown up" conversation and one of your children come in and the conversation is not for their ears. The adults stop speaking because there is a child in the room. Do you ask the child to leave or do you just let them sit there and make everyone else wait? To me, this is rude. There is a time and a place for children and if you invited guests over then your children need to respect that and allow you to have time with your friends. When they have their friends over do you sit there and listen to - or butt in to - their conversations? I'm thinking NOT.

Example number three: You're at home relaxing. Someone shows up uninvited to your home. You're not dressed - because it is your home and if you want to be in your jammies without showering, that's your prerogative - and one of the other members of your household goes to answer the door. You say to them "Hey, I'm not dressed. Don't let them in." Then you turn around and guess what? YOU HAVE COMPANY! This brings up many, many issues. First, why don't you call first? Is it that hard in this world of cell phones, to dial up and tell someone that you are wanting to stop by? Second, why can't we just say to someone "This is not a good time right now, can you come back later?" TWICE in the last 10 days I have had this happen to me! Apparently while in my own home I need to get up at the crack of dawn and get showered and dressed and have my house Mr. Clean-clean just in case someone wants to come by - uninvited - and hang out! RUDE!

Example number four: Your child is openly rude to your friend. Do you correct their heinous behavior or do you laugh about it? If you even have to think about an answer to that one, well...there are no words.

I am just amazed at what I am seeing around me. It's not right. I am not perfect and my children are not perfect but when someone calls me, I speak to them. I call before showing up at someone's home. It's called common courtesy. I think that THAT should be a subject in school and something that most adults should have to go back to school and refresh themselves on because apparently it's a lesson that a majority of the people need to learn.

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