Tuesday, January 20, 2009

And the bad mother award goes to....

ME!! That's right, me. In my mind this award looks something like the Oscar but at the base of it are two mini-Oscars with very sad faces. The bigger of the two mini's is quite possibly giving me the finger (at the very least, a nasty scowl). Allow me to step up to the front of my living room to give this acceptance speech:

Thank you, really, for bestowing this "honor" on me. While I know that I am SO not your favorite person right now, I mean, with all of the caring about your safety and all that. I know, I know...what was I thinking? Of COURSE you should have been allowed to go out in the snow storm so that you could have a snowball fight with your girlfriend. I mean the roads are normally so SAFE on slick, snowy days. So on behalf of all of the moms out there who kept their kids off the road when there are dangerous conditions present, I thank you. Please, applause. You sad, pouty face says it all. Be safe people!!


Dotwigg said...

Well, as an AD ajusters wife I salute you and Thank you. Could you go ahead and go for the Bad friend award and tell the adults to do the same thing :).

It seems like such a simple request, but it is not your driving that usually is the problem it is the person that crashes into you and then says, "what happened?" and oh man this is so bad, I do not have insurance.

They may be unhappy right now, but at least they are safe and when he goes to get in the car the next time and has one, remind him, because of "bad mother" you have a car to give.

Be safe :P

Nani said...

Noah says after playing for almost 3 hours in the snow this morning.....which he was able to do only because daddy stayed home....I would not have stayed out there that long...."when are we going to do something fun?"...I was like what???

carol at A Second Cup said...

Oh my gosh, we had the same type of reasoned "discussion". Mine was incensed I insisted he wear gloves to go sledding. Do you want to share the award?

NCLighthousekeeper said...

Can you make a big batch of those awards to hand out? fortunately the one with the girlfriend is far away at college and CAN'T be out driving - since he has no car! HA! But the 10 year old can't understand why we can't get in the car and drive down to the gym to play basketball, because our backyard hoop is covered with snow, don't you know