Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Now Appearing in an A.D.D. Infomercial Near You...

So yesterday Frank and I went to an A.D.D. workshop at Michael's pediatrician's office because the school has informed us that clearly the boy has issues. They hinted at anger management, A.D.D. and even the possibility of mild Autism. I was not happy with all of the stuff that came home and went in to panic mode and so I called the doctor's office to see where I begin. They suggested this workshop and so last night we went.

This thing should have come with a warning label. By the end of the meeting, I felt like I had A.D.D. or possibly ADHD because I found myself fidgeting in my chair and wanting to get up and run around the room just to make the talking stop! Don't get me wrong, this doctor is fabulous and CLEARLY he is at the top of his field in this area. BUT this guy was self-promotion run amok. He did a LOT of name dropping - mostly athletes that I had no idea who they were - and he liked to talk a lot about himself. He used a LOT of sports metaphores that were lost on me because I don't follow any sports. I learned that he plays with tennis pros, that his kids went to Clemson, he's spoken at Yale and Harvard, one of his kids played a championship basketball game at Madison Square Garden, he's in the process of getting a book published, he had trademarked his work on A.D.D. research, his latest project has him in touch with Oprah and her school, I mean on and on and on it went and that was just in the first hour! The whole workshop was only supposed to TAKE an hour but ended up lasting 2 1/2 because this guy was so in to himself.

We were given an exercise to do that was never discussed or gone over. It was never explained to us what to do with the paperwork that was in the handouts he gave us. I mean, what in the world??? On the positive side, when he did speak about his program and how they diagnose A.D.D. and the treatment options, I was very impressed. He was not all about just medicating the kids and I think that he truly can help us figure out what is going on with Michael. I'm filling out paperwork, his teacher is filling out paperwork, I'm faxing it in to the office when I am all done and taking it from there. Supposedly the next step is going to be a one-on-one session with us, the doctor and Michael so that he can examine Michael and get to know our personal situation. I am looking forward to that.

I just hope that I don't strangle him with a sports metaphore before all is said and done!


Unknown said...

oh that was so good!! your should give him (the doctor) a copy of this he would love it and probably use it in the brochure for the next seminar. That is so him to a tee (the little white thing a golf ball sits on) :)

Have faith and patients with him, it is worth it. We went the long hard way to diagnosis ADHD and oh.. if I had only started with him things would have been so much easier. It helps to remember he has ADHD (Extreme!!!) but it has been great for charles to have someone who KNOWS what he is going through and for him to tell him that he has to control himself and listen to MOM!!! (yes I pay extra to add to his recommendation, clean your room, put dirty clothes in the hamper {LOL}) but it has been such a good thing for us. Hoping he can help you all discover Michael's challenges.

Happy thoughts, Prayers and water bottles coming your way :).

Dena said...

Hey Girl! I just found your blog through Sylvia's. You crack me up! I only got through your latest post and your sidebar, have to go actually get some work done today so I'll read more later. too fun!!!