Thursday, January 8, 2009

Okay, what is the universe trying to tell me?

Did you ever do something that you really shouldn't do and then something BAD happened? Why don't we ever learn from that? Case in point, I am back on my diet. Notice that I didn't make a big deal out of it by blogging about it? Wait, it's coming. Well, I no longer have the treadmill but I am doing my Power 90 DVD. It's a 30 minute workout where one day you do cardio and the next you do strength training. It's a great workout. So today is day four. Frank left to take Michael to school, I set up my little mat, got out my weights and stuck in the DVD. I was SO not in to it and after about 45 seconds I decided that I could take the morning off and went in to my room, grabbed my MP3 player and decided to just listen to some music for a little while. You know what? The battery died!! And you can't just replace it and be on your way, you have to plug it in to the computer to re-charge. So now I had no reason to skip the darn workout and went and did it.

I eliminated coca cola from my life this week and was doing really well with the whole thing. I mean, I craved it but I knew it was way better for me to not drink it - it gives me terrible heartburn now. So last night, what did I do? I had a tiny glass of soda. Guess who woke up at 1 am with heartburn?

These are just two examples of me clearly making the wrong decisions and it coming back to bite me. I'm not a smart person. Seriously. I wonder what form of stupidity will come over me next? Maybe I'll cut my finger with a big knife and try to clean it out with some lemon juice!


Dotwigg said...

Ha Ha... patience dear.. there is life after stupidity and think on the bright side, no one was seriously injured, no one lost a life and you brighted the day of a few readers :). It is all a process sometimes it goes forward, is pretty and other times, well it does not and it is not.

Remember through it all, your loved tomorrow is a new day :). Learn from your mistake, charge your MP3 the night before {ha ha}:) Tums work really well and eat something before injesting the caffeine, your stomach will thank you. I am having a button made "PLEASE DO NOT GIVE ME CAFFEINE, or ANYTHING FATTING!" Do you want one?

Renee said...

Stacey, you crack me up! I can relate to your Coke-a-Cola thing. That is my all time favorite soda. I was once an addict!! Well, I hope the Tums thing works. You still "look marvelousssss, darling" as Billy Cystal would say from SNL back in the day. Am I showing my age or what? Well, I will turn forty-five in March and also trying to loose some poundage and firm up. We did get a treadmill, well, I should say a treadmill on loan. My sister-in-law is a QVC addict and twice my size, she never used the thing. So after moving her three times in one year she decided we had more room and could "borrow" it. I have a long way to go, I am up to a whole mile in under 20 minutes, ugh!

Have a super week, I need to stop by the store to see if I have any credit for my consignment.