Saturday, January 10, 2009


Okay, like most people we are on a budget. We don't go out a lot and don't get to do a lot of things. I am an avid reader and I enjoy a good movie. The library is fine and all, but I enjoy buying books so that I can read them at my leisure (sometimes more than once) but then when I'm done, they clutter up my shelves. Same thing with movies - I enjoy buying them, watching them a few times but then it's time to move on. If you are like me then check out these two web-sites: and is great for posting all kinds of books. You post books that you want to get rid of - there is no limit to how many you can post. Then when someone requests your book and you send it out to them (you are responsible for postage) you get a credit to request a book from someone else! I have posted homeschool books, fiction books, children's books, etc. and in return have gotten books that I have wanted - all for the low cost of shipping. In the last two months I've swapped around ten books. Some I have decided to keep, while others I have posted again on the site so that someone else can enjoy it. is the same thing except with DVD's. What they do is when you post ten DVD's you automatically get one credit. I posted 15 DVD's this morning, got a credit to pick a movie and in less than five minutes, I had four requests for movies that I had just posted. I'll mail those out on Monday and when they arrive at their destination, I'll get credit for them and be able to chose four movies for me and the family. You don't have to chose something right away - browse at your own pace. I am a fan of romantic comedies. When I went to browse their selection, they had over 500 to chose from! Not too shabby.

So in these hard economic times, rather than spending $10-$15 on buying a DVD or spending anywhere from $5-$20 on a new book or having to be limited at the library, check these sites out. I'm telling you, their selections are amazing.

Happy reading and viewing! Enjoy!


mariel said...

STACEY!! I should have known you were lurking in the blog world, too!!! heehee! Those sites sound great! I LOVE books...I am off to check out that site!

Oh, and 'all stace, all the time' who could ask for anything more??!!? :)

love ya- me

Jenifer said...

Hey Stacey! Following you on FB, but didn't know you had a blog. I love reading about your days, adventures, many discoveries, and the like. You make me laugh! :)

Any smoke bombs lately!


StaceyC4 said...

Luckily, no more smoke bombs! It's been a calm weekend - thus far. Who knows what a new week will bring!