Sunday, January 25, 2009

And it only took four months!

Okay, so you know my love of all things Disney, right? And you were all right there with me as I prepared for my trip last September. I don't know if I ever mentioned this before but I also LOVE to scrapbook. So what better way to spend my time that doing Disney Scrapbooks??

On the family trip we took in December 2007, I took well over 200 pictures and it took two full 12x12 albums to complete. They came out fabulous, by the way. So when I went on the trip in September 2008, I also took well over 200 pictures. Now, whenever I go to Disney with my sister, because she usually takes care of some of my expenses so that I actually CAN go, I make her a scrapbook as a thank you gift. She's not in to crafty things like this but she seems to enjoy it when I make them for her. Well this time, mom wanted me to do an album for her. Since she and my sister live together, they'd both get to enjoy the gift.

Well, I blazed through their album. I did not include all 200+ pictures because a
lot of the ones that I had were of me - ALONE - and taken of places that I went to - ALONE. So that eliminated at least half of the pictures that I had and I was able to fit all of their shots in one 12x12 album. Then I had to start on mine. You know, it was almost as if it were my first time scrapbooking! I didn't do the pages in order, I didn't have all of my pictures developed. I was very poorly organized and I believe that THAT is the main reason that it took me four stupid months to get it done! Well, that and the fact that there were so many pictures that it took two 12x12 albums AND one 8x8 album to fit it all! Besides all of my pictures from my camera, there were also the Disney PhotoPass pictures that their photographers took. To say that there were a lot of pictures to go through would be an understatement.

On the plus side, now that I am done - and it took several marathon scrapbooking sessions to do it - you know where that leaves me, don't you? I need another trip. OR I need to start a Disney scrapbooking business where I put together peoples albums for them! Now THAT would be fun! I wonder if there'd actually be any money in that? I think I'd be pretty good at it because I just love it so daggone much!

Okay, so if you went on a trip to Disney World, would you let me do an album for you?


Pretty Please?


mariel said...

your disney books look great! I just finished our disney trip was fun to re-live it!

hope you get that trip your wanting, friend!! :)

NCLighthousekeeper said...

Now... I don't have our Disney trip in an album yet, nor anything from the last 5 or 6 years.... hmmmmmmm

Laura said...

Those look great!