Sunday, February 1, 2009

Another tradition bites the dust

We are not a sports oriented family. The kids don't play on any teams. We occasionally watch a hockey game. But for some reason we had gotten in to the habit of watching the Super Bowl. I could not tell you one rule regarding football and I have no idea what is going on at any point during the game BUT I put out a FABULOUS spread of food and we would watch it together as a family as we ate.

So this year I was making my plans about what yummy stuff we were going to eat when Nick tells us that he is going to a Christian concert on Super Bowl Sunday. I'm like "'s Super Bowl Sunday". Maybe if we actually CARED about the sport it would have meant more to him to be home but we don't and so I wasn't going to hold it against him. Go and have fun at your concert. So we're down a man but I can still cook and it's still going to be fun. Well, I started walking with my friends a couple of nights a week and tonight was going to be one of our walking nights. We were meeting at 8:00 and I thought that would be enough time to hang with the family (or what was left of it), eat, watch a little of the game and then be on my way. What I didn't know was that Frank had made plans to see part of the game at a friend's house! And in order for him to go when he had planned and be home in time for me to go and walk so that Michael would not be alone (Oy!), that meant that he would get to be out for like 45 minutes. That was so not going to happen. So I bowed out of the walk.

So here I sit. I've been slow cooking ribs all day long, shrimp is chilling, I've got a Greek Salad just waiting to be tossed and Michael.! Whoever you are that's playing!

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