Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year, everyone! I hope everyone had a wonderful and safe celebration. It was pretty tame here but really, it's what I wanted. So I learned some things in 2008 that I shared with you and I've decided that instead of making "resolutions" I was going to make a list of "things I'd like to accomplish" in 2009.(We'll use the same format as the things I've learned list from earlier...)


10. I hope to get Michael settled in at school and figure out why exactly he is so angry

9. I hope to come to some sort of "understanding" with Nick where he actually tries to do
better with his school work and responsibilities without me having to be a total nag.

8. I hope for Frank to get a truck that he wants. Not new/new - just new for him.

7. I really do hope to get to meet my dad's wife - for an awesomely short weekend.

6. I hope to get back in to an exercise routine - but I'm not committing to anything just yet.

5. I hope to find a church that I can belong to and be a part of on my own.

4. I hope to find a literary agent and get some action going with my book.

3. I hope for Grandma to find peace and feel that she can leave this world with the
confidence that we will all be all right.

2. I hope to get back to my Disney weight without making myself a raging lunatic.

1. I hope to continue to have time to be with my husband, my friends, and my kids - who all
make my world a better place.

THAT is all very attainable. The fantasy list looks like this:

10. I want to lose 30 pounds (in 3 months)
9. I want to move to a bigger house (something with at least 2 bathrooms)
8. I want to make another $500 a month while doing not much more than I am now
7. I want enough money to pay off all of my debts (I don't have much, but I want it gone)
6. I want to go to Disney for a full week - alone again (maybe with friends this time)
5. I want my book published and on the best seller list by the end of the year
4. I want to get a Glamor Shot done of myself after losing all of the weight (feather boa
and all!)
3. I want a new laptop so that I can write whenever I want to
2. I want my husband to finally get to play in front of an audience with his band
1. I want to lose another 5 pounds on top of the 30 pounds and take a pole dancing class!!

Now THAT would make for a pretty exciting 2009!! But I'll settle for the first list - it seems WAY more doable.

Happy New Year Everyone!!! What do you hope to accomplish this year?

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