Monday, January 12, 2009

Sticky Fingered Teens...

Okay so I'm here at work today and it's been a relatively normal day. Well, as normal as can be around here. I've learned that for the most part, normal is full of teen drama that I could gladly live without.

I had a young man come up to me this afternoon 45 minutes after his class had ended to tell me that he witnessed two of his classmates stealing from us. Nothing major - candy and soda - but who knows how long it's been going on! The boy is clearly one of integrity and it bothered him greatly to see people doing this. He told me that his mom was out in the car and wanted to come in with him but he told her this was something he wanted to handle himself. That is the good side to this story. The bad side is WHAT IS UP WITH THESE KIDS????

You know, I am fairly active in the homeschool community. I've homeschooled for eight years and I hear nothing but how bad public school kids are and how people who homeschool hold their children to higher standards and don't want them around the public school kids. Well, FYI parents, some of your little home schooled darlings are thieves. They are thieves. They are liars. They do things that you would not be proud of. The flip their classmates the finger. They use foul language. They are disrespectful to their peers as well as the adults around them. I no longer am of the belief that homeschooled kids are the better group. I mean, what kind of kid comes to a Christian bookstore and steals? Clearly one whose parents have not taught him any better.

My heart is broken by this. This was the only incident that was witnessed but how many others were there? What does this tell you about our children's hearts? The argument for the pro's of homeschooling is getting muffled. We have the gift of having our children home to educate them and teach them character and we clearly not.

I have no idea how we are going to address this problem. We are a little mom and pop company. At this rate we are having to practically install metal detectors at the door and lock up what's not nailed down! Soon I'll be sitting behind bullet proof glass and need a security guard on duty full time to stop this. I don't even think that this is an over-exaggeration. I think that at the rate that these kids are going right now, it won't be long until the store will look more like a low-security prison and less like the inviting, customer friendly place that we are.

What are you teaching your children? What are you NOT teaching your children? Whether they are homeschooled or go to public school, it is OUR responsibility to make sure that we are raising children of good character! Our kids are a gift to us! Don't neglect them and send them out in to the world to inflict their nastiness on everyone because you thought they should know better.

Clearly, they don't.


carol at A Secnd Cup said...

By the time they are teens, they know right from wrong. It is not so much a question of who taught them what but the revelation of a sin lead heart.
It is very sad that those kids are that self willed they would steal from a place that benefited them so much.
Maybe it is time to review the meaning of stealing....that sin is sin and even if no one caught you Someone saw you.

NCLighthousekeeper said...

That is very sad. Unfortunately, this is a reflection of our society. My sister and her husband own a very lovely cafe in Putnam, CT, which is frequented by patrons of all ages and incomes... but mostly middle and upper middle. Anyway, people have stolen the plants out of the planters, coasters, mugs, mirrors off the wall... you name it. Unbelievable. We know that the homeschool community is now much more diverse than it was even 10 years ago - folks pull their kids out of school much easier and with much less planning than they once did, and the local homeschool resource center is a great place to drop them off to do their "school". Just a thought, but when my oldest took classes at a "homeschool enrichment program" years ago, located at a Raleigh church, there was an interview process for the student AND the parents, and a contract that was signed. hmmmm
At the very least, a letter ought to go out to all parents of students enrolled in classes there.
my 2 cents

StaceyC4 said...

Thank you, ladies! It just all breaks my heart and I know that it's everywhere...

I appreciate the feedback.

Anonymous said...

WOW... like the emotional drama wasn't enough for the day eh??? Absolutely horrible!! We could hire Josh off duty to patrol the store ~smile~

Nani said...

Wow! I agree a letter to the parents and perhaps a lecture or sermon to the class that had the 2 little sticky fingers in it w/the parents in attendance. That might wake them up.