Sunday, January 11, 2009

New Year, New Look, All Stace...

Hey, Everyone! I spent the better part of today re-doing the blog. For those of you who come here frequently, I hope you like the changes. It was just time for something new and fun and not quite so generic. Here are some of the new features:
- There is now a playlist on the site. You should be hearing some Bon Jovi right about now. If you choose NOT to listen to the music, please feel free to scroll down to the bottom of the page and pause/stop the music. It's just something that I always wanted to do and I plan on switching up the music once in a while but I wanted fun music to be playing - it makes me feel happy.
- Some new pictures have been added. Not too many but just enough to keep things fresh. Plus, my friends informed me last night that one of my pictures sort of repels them so I took it away.
- Counters. Two of them. They're really for my own entertainment but I always wanted one directly on my site. And now I have them! Yippy!
- A bookshelf. This is just a small selection of some of my favorite books. You'll notice a lot of Nora Robers, Sandra Brown and Debbie MacComber. I just found this gadget to add to the site and I'll be adding to it more as time goes on. You can click the arrow at the bottom of the bookshelf to see more books.
- A blog list. This is a listing of all of the different blogs that I follow and it shows you the title of the last post and how long ago it was posted. Just another way to promote the blogging world.
- A Facebook-type link to get people to join/check out the blogging community on Facebook. It's all good.

I think that's it on the new stuff. I do have a favor to ask of all of you who are frequent readers and part of blogger...if you could click on becoming a follower of my blog, I would greatly appreciate it. It's just another gadget I'd like to add to the site. I would like to thank my dear friend Carol from "A Second Cup" for lending me her daughter Stephanie for the afternoon. There is no way that I could have done all of this without her. Thank you ladies!

Happy reading everyone!

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carol at A Secnd Cup said...

Looks good Stacey. You are welcome to Steff anytime you need her!