Monday, January 5, 2009

It's About "Time"

I am a stickler about time. I hate to be late for anything and am a perpetual clock watcher. I married a man who never wears a watch, has trouble identifying a clock and is late for everything. Boy, that opposites attract theory is wild, isn't it?

Anyway, yesterday was my son's birthday and he had told all of his friends that the "party time" was from 3-9. I am amazed what his generation thinks of the whole "time" thing. One friend called to say that he would arrive around 4:00. Bless you, Alex, for being considerate. He was the only one. One boy showed up around 2:15, another didn't arrive until around 6:00 and the only reason we knew he was going to be that late was because we called HIM when he hadn't showed up!

People showing up late is irritating but showing up early pretty much is like lighting the match to gasoline for me. My grandmother used to show up early every time we invited her over. Oh, not just a few minutes early either, her record was an hour and a half early. No apologies, no "oh, I hope I'm not too early", nothing. Just...there she was. Sometimes it wasn't a big deal but when you have small kids and a husband who doesn't get ready until the very last minute, we would all normally be running around half dressed when she arrived. My son was not even home when this first kid arrived! I mean, I like all of my son's friends but I don't want to sit and entertain them. How hard is it to read a clock? Five minutes early I can see but 45? Not necessary.

I deal with this at work too and it just about makes me want to scream. The teenagers who drive themselves to classes at the store will show up 30-45 minutes early for class. Why? No one knows. Nothing burns me more than arriving to work (sometimes 30 minutes before the store is even open) and finding people WAITING! Not shoppers, students. It used to be that parents would just drop their kids off and go - knowing full-well that the store wasn't open yet. What are they thinking? There's never a reason. Nothing like they needed to speak to the teacher before class or...well, anything! Just there! Early. Really early.

This boy who was early for the party is also a student at the store and yes, he shows up 45 minutes early for his classes too. I don't think he has a particularly happy home life and I do sympathize BUT...I need to have my time respected, too. Remember the days when you couldn't get a teen to show up anywhere on time? I LONG for those days! Truly I do.

Watch the clock! Pay attention to the time! And for the love of it, don't show up at my house ridiculously early. I will so NOT be happy.

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Nani said...

Oh I understand this one. We have a friend, he used to be Brians roommate before we got married - bless him he loves the kids and wants to come and just play/visit with them - he is kind of like an uncle - he has watched them so Brian and I could go out, stayed the nite when we went out of town and watched the dogs - he is really sweet......but he always comes over early! I plan a certain time to be ready and it never fails- "oh I was just around the corner at the store and thought I would just come on over". I"M NOT READY! I can even say to him the exact time to come and he still comes early. I have even given him a later time so I would be sure to be ready and I even started planning to be ready 1/2 early so I am not caught of guard again. But it can be so frustrating. Brian does not get why I get so upset.