Tuesday, January 6, 2009

16 Random Facts, habits and goals...

My son's girlfriend sent me this last night via Facebook and I thought it would be pretty funny to post here too...

1. My grandpa used to call me any time there was a Peanuts special on TV. It makes me sad that no one did that for my kids because that phone call always made me smile.
The memory of it still does.
2. The only pudding I enjoy eating is Snack Pack chocolate pudding because my grandma always used to have it for me when I slept over. I miss that it's not in a can anymore.
3. I can easily eat a foot long, fully loaded sub (or Hero as it is called up in NY). The six inch ones just seem wimpy to me but seem to be politically correct for a woman.
4. I want to learn how to shoot a pistol.
5. I always have to stop myself from crying when I enter the Magic Kingdom and walk down Main Street - I just have so many childhood memories - most that involve buying blown glass figurines for my Nana.
6. I once ran my friend Kerry (a guy) over with my car on a night out and then made him buy me Burger King afterwards.
7. I still wish I could have coached a kickline.
8. I have to have something to read whenever I go in to the bathroom - no matter how fast I'm going to be!
9. I wrote my first book in the third grade (it was a short story) and wrote my first novel in the 9th grade and still can't get it together to find an agent. I always thought I'd be a real author by now.
10. I have no desire to ever go on a cruise.
11. I have an inappropriate crush on Joe Jonas.
12. I used to love to draw. My favorite thing to draw was Snoopy from the book "Happiness is a Warm Puppy"
13. I made eye-contact with Gene Simmons at a Kiss concert and thought for sure that he was going to invite me backstage!
14. I am a total food snob - I prefer my own cooking to anyone else's
15. I love to listen to music - my favorite is still 80's big hair rock bands. And to quote my friend Dot, if my life story were to have a soundtrack, it would be performed by Bon Jovi (with a touch of Poison thrown in for fun)
16. My biggest pet peeve are parents that include their children in everything and don't take other adults in to consideration. I mean, if there are 6 adults sitting around talking, your kids can find something else to do. I find it rude when parents let their kids sit there and listen to our conversations or let them continually interrupt. Somethings are not meant for young ears.

Don't be afraid to let your randomness show! If someone is going to judge you for something that you do that they don't agree with or like, then that is their problem, not yours, and they really aren't your friend. What's random about you that you haven't let be known?

Today's thought for a rainy day...

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