Saturday, January 17, 2009

We said goodbye

Today was a day of celebrations. It is my husband's birthday, Michael's birthday, and we went to a birthday party for a friend's daughter. It was a festive atmosphere all day. When I got home from the birthday party, we held a small memorial service for my grandma.

Grandma donated her body to science so there is no body for a funeral. A big family and friends memorial is planned for the summer but I wanted to be able to say goodbye to her now. So the four of us plus Nick's girlfriend went out in to the yard this afternoon with balloons and a rose of grandma's favorite color. We each said a little something about her, said a prayer and said goodbye as we released the balloons in to the sky. Frank said the final goodbye for all of us and as we watched those balloons go higher and higher in to the sky, I could almost picture grandma waiting to receive them.

On a day full of celebrations, what better way to say goodbye then to share it with someone you love - even when they aren't right there with you. It wasn't much
in the way of memorial services, but it was short, sweet
and sincere. A simple tribute to a woman who meant
so much to our little family. She will be missed.

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