Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Weepy Wednesday

I probably shouldn't be weepy but I can't seem to help it. Last night, my friend Steph came to see us and stayed over night. Remember, I mentioned her a couple of weeks ago? Well she drove here from Florida yesterday on her way to New York and I made myself crazy with cooking and cleaning and prepping and just bursting with excitement at the thought of seeing her after almost 20 years.

She arrived, we ate and we talked and talked and talked and talked some more and it was wonderful. I finally collapsed somewhere near midnight and we were up at the crack of dawn because Michael had school and Nick had to be to work early and so once they were gone, we sat around and talked some more before she had to get on the road.

Now, you have to understand, this woman is like a mother to me. She took me in to her home all of those years ago and just helped me make some sense out of my life. We laughed about old times and got caught up on what we've been doing. She was thrilled to meet my boys (who were on their BEST behavior ever. Thank you, boys!) and to get to know Frank.

As she was leaving today, we walked out to her car and then we hugged and she said "I'm so proud of you!" and I just wanted to cry. Every child longs to hear their parent say that and I had to fight back the tears. I'm crying now as I type this because I am just a big weenie about stuff like that.

So all day I've been home alone kind of moping and then I went on Facebook and Nick's sweet little girlfriend left me a wonderful note saying that she missed me and loved me and I lost it over that too. I'm going out to get some Chinese and then putting on my jammies and just going to let myself have a good cry and get it all out of my system.

I guess knowing that I am loved makes me emotional...


jenn said...

Chinese food is always the best medicine.


A.Marie said...

Oh gosh...what a wonderful thing for her to say...I'd be crying to! That was also really sweet of Nick's are just soooo loved!!!!

Eat some chinese for me! :)

Grampy said...

It is so nice to see how much people really love us. It is one thing knowing it. But when they actually say it so much more is derived from it.
Have a good day.

Roo said...

I'm glad that your visit went so well. Sometimes visits after that long of a time can be difficult and/or uncomfortable.

My friend's Mom called me on my birthday a couple of months ago and her calling me was the best call I got of all the birthday wishes. It is so nice to know that people besides your own family think enough of you to tell you they are proud of you or to take the time to wish you a happy birthday.

Hope you're feeling better. However, the tears you were shedding yesterday don't sound like a bad thing, just kind of overwhelming.