Monday, April 19, 2010

Let's Talk About Sex, Baby...

Okay, so I'm back from retreating and I have to say it was a WONDERFUL weekend. I know I said that I'm not a "retreat-y" type of person, but it really was a good weekend.

We were up in Blowing Rock, North Carolina, and it is just beautiful up there. We got a little lost on the ride up (stupid Yahoo Maps!) and ended up driving the Blue Ridge Parkway just a wee-bit longer that we were supposed to. It was a beautiful scenic drive but I was glad when we were finally exiting it.

So we arrived around 4:30 in the afternoon, checked in, unloaded out stuff in our cabin (we had a cabin that slept 6 and there was only 5 of us) and then drove in to town to get something to eat. Blowing Rock is not huge and the little "mom and pop" type places were really expensive so we ended up at The Outback (my personal favorite place to eat). We had our first session Friday night and really, the main focus of the retreat was sex and relationships. The Friday night session was not too-heavily sex-themed, but Saturday? It was wild.

We were all sitting and talking and waiting for the worship team or one of the speakers to come up and get us started when all of a sudden there was music playing and three of the ladies were up in front with baseball caps, dancing and lip syncing to Salt 'n' Pepa's song "Let's Talk About Sex, Baby"! It was HYSTERICAL! For those of you unfamiliar with this, here is a small sampling of the lyrics (now keep in mind, this was rapping from the 90's):

"Let's talk about sex for now to the people at home or in the crowd

It keeps coming up anyhow
Don't decoy, avoid, or make void the topic
Cuz that ain't gonna stop it
Now we talk about sex on the radio and video shows
Many will know anything goes
Let's tell it how it is, and how it could be
How it was, and of course, how it should be
Those who think it's dirty have a choice
Pick up the needle, press pause, or turn the radio off
Will that stop us, Pep? I doubt it
All right then, come on, Spin"

I guess you never know what's gonna happen at a Christian women's retreat, right? It was a GREAT talk and all of the sessions were very informative (some more than others!) and I think that really, a lot of women were blessed this weekend because of the honest teaching of the women from my church. I know there will be stories told of this weekend for a LONG time to come. Totally glad I went!


jenn said...

I'm glad you had a good time.

Oh, and I HATE the Blue Ridge parkway!

imelda said...

glad u enjoyed in the retreata