Saturday, April 10, 2010

I Won!! I Guess Now I Have to Go!

Okay, so you all know my obsession with all things Disney, right? Well, I enter a lot of Disney-related contests in hopes of actually winning a trip. It hasn't happened yet, but I keep getting close.

Kingdom Magic Travel is a great website/travel agency and their owner, Rick Howard, does a weekly video blog about all things Disney called Travel with Rick. I LOVE watching these blogs because he takes you on a lot of the rides in Disney World as well as Disneyland and also shows some of the resorts and little things that most of us might miss.

So every week I get two e-mails from them - one is from the travel agency and has a trivia question and the other is from the travel blog where you get entered in to a drawing if you leave a comment. Well, this week I won on the travel blog and won a copy of Passporter Walt Disney World by Jennifer and Dave Marx. I'm pretty psyched because I can add it to my ever-growing collection of Disney travel books and ...well, it just may mean that I have to start planning another trip! See, my useless knowledge of all-things Disney CAN pay off!

Actually, I must admit, I have won things from Kingdom Magic Travel in the past. Once I won a $25 Disney gift card, another time I won a 4-day/3-night stay at a Radisson resort right outside of Disney World and I believe I've won a Passporter guide from them once before, too.

Now if only I could win an actual TRIP - all expenses paid! That's the dream!


jenn said...

yay for you!!!!! I went to Disney when I was 22 for the first time, and I loved it! I really want to take my family, but it is so expensive.

Unknown said...

That's awesome - congratulations!

Grampy said...

I am with you. I need an all expense paid trip. I have been there a couple of times. It is just magic.