Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Stop the eating machine, I want to get off!!!

Okay, so you know how I just got back from a weekend retreat to the mountains? I was so NOT thinking Weight Watchers for the majority of the weekend. I drank soda, they were giving us chocolate every time we turned could I resist?? Plus, I didn't work out at all - just the walk to and from the cabin to the main lodge. So I went to my Weight Watchers meeting on Monday morning and gained .8 pound. I mean, it's less than a pound, but still, a gain.

So Monday afternoon rolls around and I have 15 people over for our monthly Disney fanatic meeting (or Mouseclub) and I made all sorts of yummy stuff because my Disney girls are skinny! So there were chocolate chip cookies, brownie bites with Mickey shaped marshmallow designs, cheese, pepperoni and crackers...and grapes. I sampled EVERYTHING!!

THEN because THAT wasn't enough, Tuesday morning I was a little bit stressed and ate the last 4 brownie bites for breakfast. I felt like crap. I took Nick out for lunch and we went to Chili's. I had a BBQ pork sandwich with steamed veggies and only ate half of the bun. I thought that was good...then came home and ate 3 chocolate chip cookies!

I mean...WHAT IN THE WORLD????

I'm sitting here right now watching the Biggest Loser eating some dark chocolate. I may need to get my jaw wired shut. Soon.


Roo said...

It's one week. Don't beat yourself up. Reset your mind and you'll get back on track. HANG IN THERE!!!

Waterrose said...

I say, wake up tomorrow and don't even think about what you did yesterday or last week...just a new day.