Thursday, April 8, 2010

Feeling Better Today...Sort of

I had my Chinese for dinner last night and my cry and am ready for the day. I was talking with Frank this morning about all of the things that I've got going on in the next 10 days and now I am overwhelmed!

I have a research paper class today until noon followed by running some errands, meeting someone at 2:00 who wants to borrow some stuff, after school I have to take Michael to Target to get a present for a birthday party he has this weekend. Tomorrow I am taking a friend's daughter out driving, we're going out to dinner with friends, plus I have laundry to do. I'm going to the Y Saturday morning with a friend and then it's off to the b-day party with Michael. Sunday is church and I am working the women's ministry table for sign ups for our women's retreat. Monday is Weight Watchers and some graduation planning stuff. Tuesday is another class followed by a book study group. Wednesday is a yearbook meeting to actually MAKE the yearbook followed by bible study that night. Thursday is another class, Friday I am doing a 3 hour house cleaning job and then leaving for the mountains for the women's retreat which, by that time, I will desperately need.

I'm tired just writing it! And just for the record, the beginning of this week was rough too! Nick's car broke down, we had to have it towed and that was an adventure (one that Nick asked that I NOT share) and then getting ready for my friend to come and visit for the night so I was cleaning like a looney and cooking up a storm.

I need about 24 hours of uninterrupted sleep.


Roo said...

Yes... It sounds like you will need that retreat. Enjoy it! {{{{Stace}}}}

Lin said...

Join the club. I hate this time of year because I never have enough time or money. It just is. The only way I cope is to make lists. I don't really use them, but it makes me feel less frazzled.

Frugal Vicki said...

Wow, must have been a good story for him not to want you to share! Good luck this week!

carol at A Second Cup said...

I too would like to hear about nick and the car. It could be about a "friend's kid".