Wednesday, April 14, 2010

So disappointed...

As I've mentioned in the past, I love to read. I am a sucker for a good romance and some chick-lit. I have several author's that I love and the other day I got the latest title from one of them. I won't mention her name here because this is so NOT going to be a flattering post.

So anyway, I got the book and sat myself down and was looking forward to just relaxing and reading...and then I wanted to peel my own skin off. This particular author's books tend to all follow the same formula - it seems that in most cases, she almost just changes the names - and yet I can't stop myself from reading them. Some are better than others but this one was - BY FAR - the worst.

There was no real story line, a LOT of conversation about characters from other books in the series, and way too much attention spent on the Halo video game series. I mean, I had a 187 page book that I seriously only read half of because I had to keep scanning to get beyond the boredom!

Seriously, REALLY bad book!


Nani said...

of course you now have me interested in wanting to know the name of the book..

jenn said...

I hate when that happens, especially when it is on of my favorite authors. I guess you can just hope the next book is better.

Patricia Rockwell said...

I read a book like that recently. I feel compelled to finish them even though I'm not enjoying one paragraph of them. It's like I'm being wasteful of the money I spent if I don't manage to get to the end, even though I don't enjoy getting there.