Thursday, April 22, 2010

Total Randomness...

Okay, so I'm at this meeting the other day where childcare is offered and the gal who was watching the babies comes out of her room, pale as can be , and is like "I have a baby in there that is COVERED in bruises!" Naturally, we are all shocked and have to wonder what in the world to do. I mean, the first reaction is to find the mother and shake her and demand to know what she is doing to her baby. But we didn't go that route. Things were discussed (amongst those leading this particular meeting) and then someone was picked to approach the mom, diplomatically, about what the caretaker saw. It turned out that the baby has Mongolian spots. I have to be honest with you, it's pretty brutal looking. Everyone calmed down afterwards, but just the sight of this large bruise/marking on this tiny baby made me cry.

I signed up to take an on-line class on romance writing. It's a 6-week course offered by a local community college. I'm pretty excited about it and hope that I can learn something from it that will actually help me. It was only $65 so I'm not feeling totally put out.

We planned Nick's graduation party that we are going to have with his girlfriend and her family. I can only wish that everyone could have such ease when planning a large party. I mean, we talked, we laughed, we ate and in less than two hours, we had everything planned and figured out who was paying for was a thing of beauty. SO unlike the plans for the ceremony itself.

I have been in the mood for a hamburger for almost a week now. Over the weekend when we were eating out all over the place while on the retreat, I could not get one because I like my burgers rare. In North Carolina you are not allowed to get a rare hamburger. Can I tell you how bummed I was?? So no burger all weekend and then I remembered that some of the local places here by me have made me rare burgers. I took Nick out to lunch the other day in hopes of getting one such burger and they would not allow it. COME ON!! So tonight, I am cooking my own damn burger and having it MY way - rare. Red. Juicy. I cannot wait!

I'm ready for the weekend already. I just need one morning where I don't have to be up before the sun. Is that too much to ask? I mean, I would like to sleep until I am done. No alarm clocks, no schedule...just me, sleeping in peacefully.

What do you do when someone complains that you aren't there for them or that you never hang out with them but really, the problem is that this person never responds to your invites? How do you graciously tell someone that you would love to hang out with them if they'd stop being rude and ignoring you? Just curious for your thought.

I'm off to cook my burger now...

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