Saturday, April 24, 2010

Cause Baby We'll Be...

So I'm sitting here on the computer tonight and I sort of mindlessly cruise the internet and I see a news story about Brett Michaels of the rock group "Poison" (and currently on "Celebrity Apprentice") has had a massive brain hemorrhage and is hospitalized.

Now, I don't know this man personally, but I have seen him in concert a few times, I've enjoyed his music and have a lot of great memories because of his music. It makes me sad because really, celebrities are just regular people too. Bad things happen to them just like the rest of us.

My beautiful step-mother died after a brain hemorrhage - but after 8 years of living with the results of it in a nursing home. I would not wish that on anyone. I find myself sitting here, almost as if I'm expecting the phone to ring with news - just for me! Weird, right?

So to any of you Brett Michaels fans, say a little prayer for him right now. Pray that someday soon he'll be making music and singing for us again. I have some of the greatest memories of time spent with my friends while the album "Look What the Cat Dragged In" played on in the background. It wasn't a party unless Poison was playing.

Get well, Brett!


jenn said...

I was sad when I read that, too. And he has two beautiful young daughters.

My dad had a brain aneurysm 15 years ago, but he was one of the lucky ones to have absolutely no side effects after brain surgery. I hope Brett pulls through just the same.

Anonymous said...

I was very sad as well. When I listened to Poison I turned the stereo up way loud. My daughters would tell me Mom that's too loud. But to me it had to be loud.

StaLira said...

That was a bad hit. Hope he'll get well soon.

Janiss said...

Back in the 80s, I knew Bret a little - we had a load of friends in common - and did a shoot with him during my photojournalism period. He was a funny guy who wanted nothing more than to be a rock star and enjoy life, and I imagine he's much the same today. I really hope he has a full recovery from this - I hate seeing this happen to him.

Gayle Herbert Robinson said...

I have been praying for him since I heard. I don't know his music, but watched him on Celebrity Apprentice. Miracles happen every minute of the day. I pray that his miracle is waiting for its cue.