Saturday, April 3, 2010

More ridiculous celebrity news...

I do this to myself so I can't directly blame any of the rich-and-famous for annoying me, but I am.

Okay, first up, Kim Kardashian. Does this woman own any other clothes besides a bikini? I know that this is what sells magazines and whatnot but for the love of it, put some clothes on once in a while. At this rate, apparently THIS is what she is famous for - looking good in a bikini.

Tiger Woods is a liar. Oh...big news. Only now it's his KINDERGARTEN teacher claiming it AND claiming that all of this has made HER sick! She has a lawyer and everything and is demanding an apology from him! Are you freakin kidding me? Apparently Gloria Alred will represent ANYONE!

Lindsay Lohan needs an intervention. Well...duh. She keeps going out drinking and falling down but no one seems to care. She was famous like 5 years ago and not for doing any spectacular roles. Somebody put this chick back in rehab and quit taking pictures of her.

Sandra Bullock finally came out of hiding. Sort of. She came out surrounded by a ton of people, jumped in to a car, all the while wearing a big green straw hat to hide her face. For all we know, it wasn't even her. So the talk shows are wondering if she is making all of this worse by hiding. If she was out and walking around these vultures would be attacking her every step - "Did you know your husband was cheating?" "How does it feel to know that he slept with all of these tattooed freaks?" I wouldn't want to go out and have to acknowledge any of that crap either. Stay in your mansion, Sandra!!

Some stupid singer was walking around naked for a music video in the middle of Dallas right where JFK was assassinated. REALLY? I don't know which part of that I'm offended by more: The fact that she was naked or that she had the audacity to do it in such a place. She is being charged by the police but seriously people, get a clue!

Honestly, these are things that are making news. You can't even make this stuff up. Crazy. Just plain crazy!


Da Dude said...

Kim doesn't need to wear anything other than a bikini;)

The thing that amazes me is that the news media whips up frenzy into stupid sh(poop)it! I really doubt if anyone cared about someone being naked in that plaza, or what Lidsey is doing.

Tiger Woods, Linsey Lohan, etc. Come on now who really cares except them. They have P.R. people that keep crap like this in the headlines. For days.

Half of the crap that is reported most people don't care about.

Hmm... How about you writing a story about "Da Dude flogs Frogs!" I'll bet some people would write to condemn me for hurting the poor little froggies. Then we probably would hear from the masochists that will write about why frogs like to get flogged. LOL I could be a media sensation thanks to you! LOL

Lin said...

As long as folks are reading and tuning into this crap, these faux "celebs" are going to continue with their foolishness. I mean, Kate Gosselin on Dancing with the STars??? Where's the star??

Simply Delicious said...

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Anonymous said...

I feel bad for Sandra, she didn't deserve what happend to her. =(