Monday, April 26, 2010

Next time we'll test that theory...

So last weekend when I was up in Blowing Rock on the women's retreat I was very excited to find a Corelle outlet center. I desperately needed new dishes and I figured I'd get a good deal at the outlet.

On Saturday afternoon, we went shopping during our free time and because my husband is so NOT in to flowery things, I settled on plain white dishes. I purchased 12 of them and four of these really deep cereal bowls. Loved them. I grabbed a few other odds and ends and when I was checking out I asked the cashier, "So these won't break, right?" I was assured up one way and down the other that Corelle dishes do NOT break. The cashier went on to tell me that they even offer customers the opportunity to test that theory and throw plates on the floor. I laughed and declined that option mainly because I knew it to be true. Corelle doesn't break. does.

A lot.

So not kidding.

In less than a week, one bowl has completely shattered and two of my plates are chipped. I am so not amused right now. I spent almost $70 on this stuff and it is not what it is billed to be. I just sent a complaint letter to the company via their website. Luckily I saved my receipt. I told them that I want these pieces replaces. Although, God love her, my sweet little friend Danette already replaced my bowl for me because she knew how much I loved it. :)

So now I wait. I'm unsure if they'll replace the pieces or not but I figured that it couldn't hurt to ask. I'll keep you posted!


A.Marie said...

You are so right...Corelle not only breaks but SHATTERS!! I bought a complete set when I got married. I was convinced that it was durable and would last. Wrong. We had those plates only a few months when one of them shattered when I was taking it out of the cupboard. Another one fell to the floor and, yep, broke/shattered. We now have a set of stoneware that I just love. It is durable and so far, no shatters!

jenn said...

All my dishes are correlle, and I can tell you first hand that you are right. They do not break, they SHATTER. Into a million tiny pieces. Of course, mine did that because I accidentally hit the edge of it with a meat mallet, but that's besides the point. They're not supposed to break, right? lol!

Lin said...

They will probably not honor it because you bought it at the outlet. ;)

Clairity said...

Don't trust anyone who tells you they don't break. They can and they do break, grrr!!