Sunday, April 18, 2010

Computer Craziness - Part 3

Okay, so now I have two computers - a desktop and a laptop. The laptop has never been the same since that whole virus thing and so I guess I shouldn't be surprised but yet...I am.

So two computers, same house, same internet. The desktop really does not allow me to do my E-card dropping in bulk (pulling up 10 sites at a time) like my laptop does. If I want to go and click on or pull up one at a time, I'm good, but more than one and it's like the whole thing just freaks out. The laptop cruises through the whole 300 drop process without missing a beat.

My desktop is GREAT for my writing - whether it's in Word or writing here on my blogs or on Examiner. The laptop has a tendency to just erase what I'm writing and I have no idea why. I mean, I'll be typing, I'll have a paragraph or two, and then it's gone. SO FRUSTRATING!! I'm like "What am I hitting and how do I stop???" So the other day I'm on line with my sister and she had to reply to my e-mail like three times because hers kept sending without her hitting "send". So I finally called her because really, the whole e-mail thing was getting frustrating. We have the same computers and so I was glad to hear that mine isn't the only one that does funky things like that.

I can no longer install any programs on the desktop which is frustrating but the ones that I want to use are too frustrating to do on the laptop because of the mystery-of-the-moving-cursor-moving-or-deleting-my-stuff-thing.


Electronics really complicate my life. Oh, and my microwave died. Not really computer related, but it annoyed me, too!


Anonymous said...

Okay here's why that happens - the track pad. While you are typing you are inadvertently activating the track pad. Your palm rests on it or your fingers brush across it...The solution is: use a mouse (you can also deactivate the track pad). I had a dear friend complain about that all the time - I used to get 5 emails with one sentence in each one. Then I got her a mouse. No problems since then. have a wonky laptop...

RE - Entrepod said...

stace you need to reinstall your initial software package. you seem to have some registry problems.

Karen said...

I would cry if everything I wrote suddenly disappeared. Yikes!

Grampy said...

Stace it could be you have some spyware or adaware lurking around. Go on my site check out the spyware program. It is free. Go on their site and they will tell you how to install it if you are having problems. Last but not least. Let me know how it works. Good Luck.