Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Hi-ho,'s off to college he goes!

So time is FLYING by and before I know it, it will be January and we will be dealing with a MAJOR milestone in our home. 

My boy is going to college.

We always hoped that this would happen but he seemed to not be in any kind of hurry to MAKE it happen.  Sorry, but once you move out, my theory is that it is no longer the parents job to make sure the child goes to school.  We were hopeful, we encouraged but generally, the choice was all his.  

He did all of the paperwork himself.  He took the SAT's (2 years after graduating high school).  He filed for all of the financial aid and found himself a place to live and is working on getting a job.  I cannot describe the level of pride that I am feeling right now.

But I will be a mean girl for a moment:  For those of you who for years put my son down (and you know who you are), I'd like to ask, what are your kids doing?  Because although I dislike the tally sheet method, if I were to have one, I'd say a lot of you should have spent a little more time worrying about where YOUR kids were going than spending time putting mine down.  

I've seen teenage pregnancies, drug use, alcohol abuse and, oh yes, not a whole lot of them heading off to college.  On their own.  Paying for it themselves.  So while my son may have been a little more "in your face" than most, I think he's pretty damn spectacular and we are just beside ourselves with pride.

I was joking with him the other day about how it's his turn now to support me.  He shares all sorts of crazy things on Facebook, but does he share the news of him mom's writing success?  Um, no.  Then I had to remind him that should my book make us some money, that some of it could go to HELP him with college.  Has he done it yet?  Um, no.  So I posted it on his wall only to realize that his 400 friends aren't really going to see it because I posted it, not him!

Killing me...slowly and painfully...

And for your daily update:  "The Christmas Cottage" is currently #75 on Amazon's Best Seller List in Contemporary Women's Fiction and # 1461 in Kindle downloads!!!

You didn't think I'd go a whole post without mentioning that, did you?


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