Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Indie Author Support

I am, by nature, a talker and a sharer.  Sometimes I share too much.  If you've read this blog for any amount of time I'm sure you'll agree.  I don't keep much to myself and if there is a way I can help someone then I will.  I believe in trying to be encouraging and supportive while at the same time, being realistic.

I sound fabulous, don't I?

Anyway, in my long running quest to becoming a published author I learned one solid truth:  Authors are VERY secretive.  It's true.  Particularly the ones that have agents and have a big name publisher behind them; they would survive all kinds of torture before offering any real advice or leads on how an unknown author can get published.

They don't tell you who their agents are, they aren't really forthcoming in their tale of how they finally landed their agents or publishing contract and essentially you get a very "Stepford Wives" kind of vibe - everything is good, it all worked out great and they are so happy.  Seriously?  Now I know that not everyone has a great "road to getting published" story like J.K. Rowling but most of us will never see that kind of success either.  

Now as I have waded in to the pool of being an Indie Author (I really like that title!) I find that Indie Authors are a MUCH more forthcoming breed of people.  They are willing to talk to you; they are willing to go to your page and hit "like", and they are willing to offer a heartfelt congratulations.  I've worked with several published, main-stream authors and not one of them has offered me a personal "congratulations" on the success of "The Christmas Cottage".  I'm a little offended by that.

Then the next area of support/no support are the locals.  We have a newspaper here in town.  They took the free copy of my book, promised an interview...three weeks ago.  Small town bookstores look at me like I'm asking them to give me their first born when I ask to put a couple of books on their shelves!  Hey, did it ever occur to any of these people that locals might benefit from supporting locals?

Back when "Jordan's Return" came out I can remember how I had so many people congratulating me and encouraging me and I had an aunt who said to my mom, "I don't see what the big deal is; it's not like it's a real book."  Why?  Because I'm self-published; because I'm an Indie.  

You know, we are a society that supports all kinds of idiots who have no talent but have their own reality shows but for the thousands of Indie Authors who have REAL talent, we can't get the time of day!  How is that possible?  Now I know that not every Indie Author has talent but then again, haven't we all read a book by a normally best selling author that kind of sucks?  I know I have and more than once!  

I feel like making a bumper sticker that says "Have you hugged an Indie Author today?"!  How funny would that be?  Would anyone bother to hug me??  It's crazy...  All I'm trying to say is, hey, Indie authors are just as talented, if not MORE talented, than traditionally published authors and we should not be treated like the red-headed stepchild.  For those of you not wanting to engage because you think you are better than don't know what you're missing.
Today's Stats:
#39 on Amazon's Best Seller's in Contemporary Women's Fiction
#68 on Amazon's Best Seller's in Contemporary Fiction 
#516 in Kindle Downloads
#13 on Amazon's Hot New Releases in Contemporary Women's Fiction
#16 on Amazon's Hot New Releases in Contemporary Fiction

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